My name is Kevin Murphy and I am a highly skilled Graphic Designer offering my services to any business owner or client that seeks to boost his or her company's marketing capabilities. I have experience working in a fast paced, results oriented environment, and am more than capable of getting the job done.

Born: June 14th, 1981 in Laval, Quebec.
Interests: Drawing, Painting, Art, Graphic Design, Computers, Surfing, Snowboarding, Hiking, Hockey, Golf, Running, Music, Cars...
Where I can be found: If I am not sitting in front on my computer playing around in Photoshop, you can usually find me playing some sort of sport or enjoying the outdoors.
Bonus: I can read and write in both French and English.

Creative design has always been a passion of mine, and as a result I have dedicated quite some time to refining my skills. Starting with redrawing my favourite comic book characters as a kid, to taking as many arts classes as possible in highschool, and finally choosing a career in Graphic Design.

In order to pursue this career, I spent 3 years in the Graphic Design program at Fanshawe College in London, and 1.5 years studying Arts and HTML Development at Lambton College in Sarnia. Once I finished school, I went on to an internship with Innivity Marketing Group Inc., a successful marketing, design and print shop. After six months, Innivity decided to bring me on as a Freelance Designer, creating a partnership that lasted 3 years. The opportunity to work in tandem with seasoned designers allowed me to grow at a much quicker rate than others in the field. Using these skills, and through word of mouth, I have been able to build an extensive portfolio and a healthy list of satisfied clients.

I have since been worked with many marketing and design firms across Canada.

Diploma of Graphic Design (3 years)
Fanshawe College, London ON

Web Fundamentals & HTML (1 year)
Lambton College, Sarnia ON

Freelance Designer (11 years)
Mimynd Creative Studio

Stokes Advertising & Promotions in Petrolia, Ontario. I was brought on board as a web designer. At this position I was required to create attractive and functional websites. Being the only designer on staff at the time, all designs and client meetings were my responsibilty.

CCI Studios Inc. in Brights Grove, Ontario. CCI needed me to create printed materials for both big and small client campaigns. These designs did very well and have led to long lasting business relationships.

BRTV in Richmond, British Columbia. This web based sports media and gambling company based in the UK utilized my design skills to revamp their entire system. I was put in charge of developing a functional and user friendly website for their already large user base.

Imagen Green in Vancouver, British Columbia. With Imagen Green I was given the unique opportunity to work side by side with the owner of an eco friendly promotional products company. This was crucial in helping me to gain experience relating to the inner workings of a small business in a very fast paced industry. I was also needed to aid clients with the development of their brands and promotional materials.

Centurion Media Group Inc. in White Rock, British Columbia. In 2009 I was recruited by CMG to fill the roll of graphic and web designer. My role and responsibilities within the company quickly grew as I was taking charge of their very first design department. As they had not used the skills of a professional designer in the past, most (if not all) of their material needed revision. This was no small task as they relied heavily on marketing and user friendly interfaces to grow their customer base.

After 2 short years I was asked to relocate to Barbados and take on the position of Creative and Graphic Design Manager. I quickly jumped on this opportunity to move my career forward while at the same time learning the ways of a Carribean lifestyle.

My areas of expertise include print, web, multimedia, animation, identity, and illustration. I am comfortable with the Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Bridge), Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Publisher, Powerpoint) and many others. I can also work on both the PC and Mac platforms.

I am also currently dipping my toes into the world of HTML5 and CSS. This is an area I have wanted to explore for a long time and now finally have the time.